Pipe bending and end forming center

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Pipe bending services
«Cold technology» of pipe bending on profile bending machines and pipe bending machines.
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Pipe end forming
Production of equipment, rendering services of detailing the end of pipes.

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Laser cutting pipe
We have the ability to perform laser cutting of pipes on modern equipment.
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Contract manufacturing
A full cycle of mass or small-scale manufacturing "from idea to finished products"
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Dear Constructors and Designers

* It is very important to have an understanding of the technical capabilities of the contractor at the designing stage. If you are designing non-serial equipment / products / structures, it makes sense to tie the project to the equipment that the contractor has available, and use the contractor's technical specifications that are freely available
* In the case when there is no possibility to deviate from the technical specifications of the project, or there is the prospect of mass manufacturing of the product, the company "Rud ES" has the ability to customize tooling for a specific project..
* We accept for consideration the documentation in CAD format “Compass”, SolidWorks, AutoCad etc.
* Our technical specialists will always be able to give advice, become a part of your project.
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Bending specification
Pipe bending machines selling
We offer a wide range of certified pipe bending machines
A/S services
Warranty and post-warranty service
Our advantages
Rud E.S. is a specialized enterprise with more than 10 years of experience in pipe bending. New equipment, technically competent specialists, extensive experience are the guarantee of quality and reliability as a partner.
Rud E.S. is the authorized dealer of the tube bending machine manufacturer. Technical support, tool manufacturing, maintenance and repair, training.
Rud E.S. performs tasks comprehensively, providing technical support to the customer at all stages of production and design.
Rud E.S. is a manufacturer and developer of pipe reducing machines. Own development, support, spare parts, etc. in stock. We design machines and equipment for a specific task.
Rud E.S. is a company with a large amount of industrial equipment, that is why we are able to carry out complex projects. Rolling-and-bending machine with CNC,  160 and 315 ton hydraulic presses, CNC milling centers, spot welding machine etc (52 units).
Rud E.S. is the first company in Ukraine that specializes in pipe processing. We offer not only services, but also technology, technical support, equipment, training and experience.
RUD ES company
Our enterprise is located in the very center of Ukraine in the city Dnipro.
Modern equipment - production facilities and plant management are located on an area of ​​over 3000 sq. m. The workshop is equipped with a modern park of equipment, in large mass with CNC, it allows to produce goods with high quality requirements in a short time at an affordable price.
Highly qualified employees - high professionalism and modern approach of engineers and designers, allows you to create high-quality and high-tech products recognized not only in Ukraine, but also in the world, which is confirmed by European and local certificates of the importing countries.
Experience - For 12 years of effective work, we have developed and continue to develop a number of promising areas both in the final product (goods and services) segment and in the technological one.
Contact information
Ukraine, city Dnipro, Velyka Diivska street 545


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